Show Me Love

This a poem I wrote in May 2006, that was full of hidden meanings about things I had done in my travels across Missouri and Kansas.

Show Me Love
Jeremy Karnowski

Musick in twilight sheltered not the rain
In which drops rhythmed ‘gainst the cheek.
Sequestered not into the Arch to seek
Suprising views of birds or sloped terrain.
Onerous layers of shale spun with aim,
Under an autumn spring, embraced the creek.
Royal tensions surfaced, and with its peak,
Ignited sparks but signalled end of game.

Kissing across the state, tickling the gut.
A wish never to finish all the games.
Near to the end is our passing of days.
Sour is driving towards broken roads, but
Although a wall invisible remains,
Sweet is the thought of the connecting ways.