Lost Ones

Scenario given by Magic & Fairy-Tale Dice: forest, dragon, pumpkin, troll, knight, jail, wolf, cave


Her fist thudded home. Gabriela kicked the fallen man and then flexed her fingers, shaking her hand about. “Where the fuck is Mia?” The figure glanced up at Gaby and started to hiss out an answer. She swiftly kicked him again. “Where is she, god damnit!?” “MIA,” she yelled into the forest-laden ravine.

A man emerged to the left of the bushes ahead. A mangy dog slid into position next to him. “What do you want?” The dog growled, hair rising up on its back.

“I’m here to get Mia. I’m here to…”

“She’s not here,” he said brusquely. His tongue slid across his teeth and he scratched his oversized nose. “So you can just leave my friend alone and take your pretty little ass away from…”

“Who do you even fucking think you are? You all can’t just take my sister and bring her to this shit hole.” She kicked the body in front of her, and he groaned again. “I’ll beat the living shit out of all of you.”

“Hey! Fuck you, lady.” He pointed up at the walking overpass. “Just because we don’t live in your high and mighty Starbucks land eating fucking pieces of pumpkin bread, don’t mean you can come here and start swinging.” He took a few steps up the incline and held his hand over his canine companion. “Your sister isn’t here. And even if she was, she doesn’t want to talk to you, that’s for sure.” He took another step towards Gaby.

Gaby turned down the road that ran next to the ravine, and raising her palm, whistled. The man followed her call and saw three bikes coming his way. Bearing his rotting fangs, he hissed at the oncoming gang, and turned to flee. Gaby bounded down the slope and grasped his collar. It ripped off, coming off into Gaby’s hand. Dodging the beast’s jaws, she kicked him in the back, sending him flying in the bushes from which he emerged.

Squealing brakes turned Gaby around and made the dog hunker down. The largest, with a full sleeve tattoo, took off her helmet. The others ripped theirs from their heads and flung their hair to the sides. Their matching bikes, with dragons etched along the bars, were glowing in the sunlight. Gaby heard a cry in the distance, followed by thumping and rustling all over.

“They took my sister.” Gaby looked at the women, stretching their sleek muscles and putting on metal knuckles. The lady on the right drew a large serrated blade. “Those monsters took my little baby sister.”

“We’ll bring her back,” the leader said calmly. Her bright blue eyes looked right at Gaby and she repeated, “We’ll bring her back.”

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