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Village Incident

They pulled the man out of the canoe and rested him on the ground.

“We found him three lakes over,” said Will. “He had a boat, but it looked irreparable and I didn’t see any oars anyway.”

“When will they learn that they need to prepare a little better if they want to travel this far out?,” piped Clark.

“I don’t think this was a normal traveling around the area. We all know why we went out there.” Will paused for a moment while the others nodded in agreement. “We’ve never actually found someone out there when we showed up before. What’s more, he seemed to be struggling with someone all too familiar?”

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“We’ve been completely shut out,” Jeremy blurted into the room as he hung onto the door frame. The four people in the room scattered about the table and the one at the white board stopped chatting and writing and looked up to the door.

“Completely shut out. Hurry, it’s not getting any better.”

A few papers were shoved off the table as Richard turned and jumped from his seat. The others, Jamie, Ben, Luke, and Sarah, all scrambled from their seats and out the door. They fanned out from the conference room, grabbing the work stations nearby and swiveling into their chairs. The large window encasing the conference room displayed a scene of forgotten ideas, papers full of weighty ideas blissfully relaxing on tabletops.

“How in the hell did they get in there?” yelled Richard after a few minutes of typing, trying to talk over the growing whispers that were building around the large common office space.

“I’m not sure yet,” answered Jamie two cubicles over. “It looks like… wait… huh…”

“What is it?” asked Sarah in the cubicle between them.

“Wow, they are good. They are really good.”

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Altered Trajectories Synopsis

After a traumatizing accident in a massive multi-player virtual reality world, a disjointed group of those affected abandons the technological mainstream and attempts to construct for themselves a village life in a difficult to navigate wilderness, surrounded by thousands of lakes and rivers. The accident, however, has left them inevitably scarred, and they continue to experience waking visions as a result of the mental trauma. A few of the villagers have learned how to control and combat these disturbances, and attempt to initiate others in the rituals when they can. When a similarly scarred stranger appears seeking asylum after a particularly violent set of disturbances, the villagers remain wary, but accept him as their own. As this stranger starts to learn the ritual, however, things start to change and people frantically try to amend a collapsing system that keeps them sane. While a struggle ensues to determine the underlying cause and try to keep the disturbances at bay, the villagers also learn the details underlying the accident and what can be done to reverse the effects altogether.